"Magic" Made Maluma Famous - In August 2012, Maluma released his first studio album "Magia" or "Magic" which would become a Gold Record in Colombia and earned him his first Latin Grammy nomination for Best New Artist.

  • Who recorded Maluma's first album? "Magia", Maluma's first album was recorded by Sony Music Latin and was the beginning of a powerful relationship.
  • Getting into the Latin Pop Songs In 2014, Maluma broke into the Top 40 Latin Pop charts with his hit "La Curiosidad."
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Maluma's Bio, get to know all his history
Maluma's Bio, get to know all his history 2015

Pretty Boy, Dirty Boy: Two Styles, One Album - In 2015, Maluma released his second studio album, combining two styles; Pretty Boy with soft ballads & Dirty Boy, loaded with reggaeton and collaborations with great artists of the urban genre such as Farruko, Arcangel, Cosculluela and Alexis & Fido.

  • Maluma Ft. Shakira In 2016 these two stars combined to create "Chantaje" (translated "Blackmail"), a song that has achieved millions of views on YouTube.
  • How many songs has Maluma composed? Maluma is the singer-songwriter of more than 25 songs including "4 Babys" "Felices los Cuatro" and "Mala Mia".


  • Maluma Ft. Madonna The “Pretty Boy” and “The Queen of Pop” got together in 2019 to record “Soltera” and “Medellín”, two hits that already have hundreds of millions of views.

In May 2019, Maluma released 11:11, his fourth studio album. This album features 16 songs. He hand in hand with Ricky Martín and Madonna on separate songs on the album, which led to it becoming a ground-breaking, world-class album.

Maluma's Bio, get to know all his history
Escucha su discurso


Papi Juancho

Maluma's fifth album was recorded during the global pandemic Maluma's hometown, Medellín, Colobmia, & Miami. The album is a return to self and his musical roots.

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  • What's Papi Juancho is? Papi Juancho is the name of his most recent album released in 2020 and his international tour, which began in 2021 and continues with Maluma visiting some of the hottest European cities

With his most recent tour, the Papi Juancho World Tour, Maluma has visited many global cities in Asia, the US, Europe and several countries in the Middle East, being one of the first artist to reactivate his concerts after the pandemic.

Maluma's Bio, get to know all his history papi juancho
Don Juan 2023


"DON JUAN" arrives, Maluma's most recent album, consolidating the evolution of his artistic career and thus beginning his world tour in the United States.

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