I always had the dream of singing and being in big stages.
Now God rewards me with this reality.
Open my eyes and see that everything that is happening in my life is true, that is a great blessing.
I have to thank, before anything, to thank my fans. I have to thank the people around me, who hold me up, who believe in me, who dream next to me. My producers, composers who are part of F.A.M.E. and that one way or another write a chapter every day in my life. To my parents, my sister, to be everything, to be my motor, my motivation. To the people who are and are not in my life. For simply being, my existence, for giving me a hand when I needed it.
Thanks to all those people I am what I am today, that is a reflection of, of all.
Thank you God for giving me the tools to make this dream a reality.

And this is F.A.M.E., haha
Faith, Soul, Music and Essence. Fé, Alma, Música y Esencia (F.A.M.E.)
I love you, Maluma, baby.
Thank you, thank you, thank you, thank you, I love you.

FAME - Maluma caratula


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